What can I expect?

In the third edition of Invention Summer Camp it’s all about the Future of Food & Beverage @WUR. Together with approximately 100 WUR students and employees you will work in teams of 4 participants to contribute to shaping the future of healthy and sustainable catering solutions and concepts. This one-day event offers you a complete program containing working time, inspiration by our keynote speakers, workshops and lectures, learning from experts, expanding your network and fun! The output of the day shall be included in the WUR Vison Statement concerning Food & Beverage, which will be the fundament for the public tender contracts in the field of eating and drinking facilities at Wageningen UR for the next few years.

Who can and will attend the event?

We are on the quest for creative, engaged, motivated and enthusiast WUR employees and students who want to contribute to a healthy, sustainable and tasteful future of Food and Beverage facilities on our Campus. Are you a foodie? Or someone who has experience in the actual food and beverage supply and who has ideas how to improve? Do you have brilliant concepts in mind on less food waste? Do you know how to integrate WUR research results in our future product range? Are you interested in and do you have ideas on new catering concepts? Do you know how to implement more innovation and circularity in the field of eating and drinking? Join us on June 5th!

What can I win?

You will always win a long day of inspiring experience, new connections, support of coaches and experts and opportunities to expand your network in the world of Food & Beverage, facility management, innovation and sustainability and business. We also offer you an all-inclusive stay with free drinks, healthy meals and fun.

Most of all you can practically contribute to a better, healthier and more sustainable range of eating and drinking products at WUR in the near future!

Our jury will decide which teams come up with the best ideas and will reward them with some original and attractive prices. Stay tuned: more will be announced soon!

What do I need to take with me?

We will organize almost everything for you. A roof above your head, fine food & drinks all day long. Technical facilities and support will be provided. So just bring your creative mind, bring your own laptop and we’ll take care of the rest!

Can I register a team, or as individual?

Teams op to 4 persons in total can be registered together as fixed team. Individual registration, or registration with one or two collegues/co-students is also possible. We link these people to create new teams of both employees, students and mixed teams.

Do I have to pitch my idea(s)?

All teams will have their 3 to 5 minutes of fame during the elevator pitches in the evening. The jury, composed of highly respected representatives in the worlds of Facility Management, Food & Beverage, Business and Sustainable Food will decide afterwards who will be the winner(s).

How about eventual follow-up of my/our ideas?

As the event is organized in the Netherlands Dutch patent- and copyright laws apply. We will evaluate the ideas after the event with our participants. Might there be ideas to develop to successful concepts or products, we can cooperate with partners like StartHub and StartLife Wageningen and their advisors, business partners and investors to take further steps.


I have another question, who can I ask?

The organizing team can be reached
by mail info@inventionsummercamp.com.
You can also call Marjet
by mobile +31 (0)6-531 80 354.